Sunday, April 26, 2009

It just keeps going....and going....and going....

The Jennerator is still fermenting...It's been a while - but no worries...

Shawn and I saw the movie Beer Wars - it was pretty good...but made me depressed about opening a brewery. It takes a ton of money and is really difficult. What a big surprise!

Anyway - at one point in the movie, they went to a bar and asked people what beer they drank. Most people said Bud, Miller, or Coors. Then they asked them if they thought they could tell which was which in a blind taste test. Everybody thought they could. BUT nobody could tell the difference.

That led me to want to see if me and my friends could tell the difference. We got bottles of Bud Light, cans of Miller Lite, and bottles of Coors Light. Basically, it was almost impossible for me to tell them apart. I did correctly identify Coors, based mainly on color. It looked the lightest to me. I could not tell them apart based on taste at all. Jenn didn't get any right. My one friend got them all right! She said they smelled different to her. My other friend got 1 right too.

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