Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amish Root Beer is good!

I tested a 2 liter bottle last night. It turned out pretty good. There might be some minor adjustments I could make in the future. I like the sweetness level - I don't like super sweet soda. Jenn said she would like it more with a little bit more sugar. I was very pleased with the carbonation level. Lots of bubbly burpy goodness.

We are getting ready for our "Meet the Brewers" night. I have some good ideas for some door prizes or maybe a raffle. It should be a fun time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dark Chocolatey Goodness!!

Shawn and I bottled our Imperial Stout tonight. As Shawn said, "For something that doesn't have any chocolate in it, this thing is like drinking a dark chocolate bar."
The alcohol content is well hidden on the back end. But don't be fooled, this monster will knock you out!
It seemed fairly mellow and smooth, which is what I like. I think the bubbles will help make the beer even smoother.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Meet the Brewers" Night!

We are going to host our First "Meet the Brewers" night at our house on Saturday, March 7th. More specific details later...

We plan on showcasing our newest creation - Mustang Sally Super Stout. We'll also have tastings of our previous brews: Jabba the Hop, Super Bee Wheat, and maybe a bottle or two of Band Camp and Roid Rage! There will even be a non-alcoholic root beer made from syrup purchased straight from the Amish in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Mark your calenders for this seminal event in Northwest brewing history!