Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trinity Brewing Company

Normally, I am biased towards Northwest beers and breweries. During a recent trip to Colorado, I got a chance to check out Trinity Brewing Company

This was a cool place. It's probably one of the few truly hippie breweries that I have seen. 75% of the menu was vegetarian/vegan - which is really unique for a brewpub. Everything in the building is recycled, reclaimed timber, etc. The bar top is made from glass shards of old broken bottles the guys drank when making the place.

The brewery opened about 4 months ago. They serve the beers in 10 different glasses - one glass for each style of beer. The servers wash out the glass, pour the beer - with foam overflowing - then wash the outside of the glass off.

I had 3 different Trinity beers. The first was Flo IPA on CO2 - which is "conventional" style. The second was the Awaken stout on cask. Usually I don't like cask, but this one was ok. It was aged with tangerine, rosemary, and Dreadlock hops (never heard of). If you don't like rosemary, you wouldn't like this beer. You could really smell and taste it. The third was the Flo IPA on cask. This was aged on jasmine, lavender, clove, Crystal, Kent, and Willamette hops. It was a unique beer.

Overall, I would definitely go back. I have mixed feelings about trying to be SO different that they make beers that aren't really that drinkable. But - on the other hand - I like to try new things! This place was truly for "beer snobs" - no Bud or Coors here!